Dadia Forest

The national park of Dadias-Lefkimis-Soufliou Forest is in the center of Evros state and occupies an area of 428.000 hectares, which represent 10% of the total area of the state.

The position of the forest makes it one of the few areas of Europe, where live and thrive clustered many species of flora and fauna of the Balkan Peninsula, Europe and Asia.

This area is one of the last refuges of the winged world of Europe. "They have been observed here, 36 species of diurnal raptors (from a total of 38 of Europe). Especially the black vulture with a wingspan of up to 3 meters, living alone here in central Spain. Moreover, they have been a total of 219 bird species, 40 reptile species and amphibians and 48 species of mammals (wild boars, foxes, badgers, otters, deer, hares, wolves, lagogyroi, bats, squirrels, etc.).

More information about the Dadias Forest, you can find in theManagement Office of Dadias Forest website.

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